How much reading will there be in this course?

[Updated Aug. 14, 2012] That’s a fair question to ask.

FIRST. There’s the actual assigned reading for each week. Typically this will be two text articles (typically about 20 pages each), OR a radio or video program online (one to two hours), OR two to three blog posts. You must read/view/listen to this, because it’s the basis for both your weekly blog post and the in-class discussion.

SECOND. There are the posts to this blog, which are all written by me, your professor. Typically there will be one new post each week in the Assignments category, which you must read. There will often be one new post each week in the categories Recommended or In the News; these posts are always optional. Occasionally there will be a new post in the Propaganda category; these posts are about the course itself (like this post, the one you are reading right now), and if you really must read one, I will link to it in the weekly Assignments post.

So you need to read ONE (1) blog post in this blog each week — the newest one in the Assignments category.

THIRD. You will need to read blog posts written by other students in this course. After everyone has started up an individual blog, I will be able to make their most recent posts visible to all of us in an RSS feed, which you will see in the column on the right side of this blog. Very convenient! That will make it easy for you to scan the latest posts, click on them, and find something worthwhile to comment on.

If you have any questions about the reading for this course, please ask them here, by posting a comment on this post!


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