Trouble getting your comment link?

This is an update:

The easiest way to get the URL to a comment you wrote is to copy the URL from the Web browser address bar immediately after you post your new comment.

Even if your comment is awaiting moderation, the URL is available to you immediately.

Make sure the URL ends with this (the NUMBER will vary!):


(End of update.)

This is the original content of this post:

Some of the WordPress themes do not have the comment link. Wah!!

But I think that any blog with that issue DOES HAVE a “reply” link. And that is the key to getting a link to your individual comment. Here’s how:

Right-click on the “reply” link beside your comment. Copy the link location and paste the text into Notepad. It will look like this (at the end of the link):

The number 8 (in this case!) is what you need. EDIT the last part of the line to look like this:

IT WORKS! This URL goes straight to the comment that did not have a permalink.

(Thank you to Mengqing, who alerted me to this problem!)


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