Notes for the end of November

Class meets as usual this week, on Nov. 17, with a presentation by Tina and  Fannin.

Next week is Thanksgiving week, and we are taking a break! No blog posts! No class! Whee! 🙂

But please do not forget your final blog post, No. 12. Check the Course Schedule for the deadline and the assigned readings (there are TWO). I will try to post that assignment early in the week, but I will be in the Czech Republic giving some talks (like this one) and training for journalists, so it might be as late as Wednesday, Nov. 24, before I can post it. (I may not have Internet access until then.) I expect I will be composing the assignment on a plane flying over the Atlantic. It will be about PRIVACY online.

The presentation on Dec. 1 will be by Tianning and Alan. I will be e-mailing some questions and advice to them around the same time I post the assignment.

All media diaries have been completed except Alan’s, which will begin on Nov. 28.


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