The semester has ended

This is the concluding post in this blog for 2010. This blog was my first try at running a university course completely from a free blog, and it went quite well, I’m happy to say. The next time I teach this course, I will probably run it the same way.

If you are curious about this course, please have a look at these links:

  • About This Course will give you a brief overview of the purpose of the course.
  • Required Work will show you what the students had to do.
  • All posts in the Assignments category will show you exactly what students had to produce each week in their individual blogs.
  • The first assignment instructed students to set up an individual blog for use in this course.

Most of the readings for this course were taken from academic journals, to which students had access via our university library. To see a full reference list of the readings, view the print version of the course syllabus (PDF, 6 pages, 144 KB). Some of these will be replaced when I teach the course in the future, but some will be retained.

After the students had created their blogs at, I used the RSS Widget (shown at right) to create a linked list of those blogs; the list appears in the sidebar of THIS blog. This list made it easy for the students to find and reply to one another’s weekly posts.

Many students may have deleted their blogs now that the course has concluded.


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