An example of a Storify made for this class

DO NOT POST YOUR STORIFY link on this post. Read the instructions in Required Work, under “Topic presentation.”

You can embed a Storify into a blog post, but here I just gave you a link instead to save space on our course blog home page. :)

Week 3: Social Media and Social Activism

That is an excellent example, made by a student. Notice how he inserted very helpful and well-written text above each link (or a closely related set of links) so that the Storify makes sense to us. The point is NOT to write your whole presentation — just to provide all the resources with a little bit of context attached to each one.

Put an introduction at the top and a conclusion at the end.

Making a Storify should not take too long, because you will already have all your links, as shown in class.

Please use this Storify as a model for your own. Do not build your Storify until AFTER you give your topic presentation in class.

More about the Storify requirement on Required Work, under “Topic presentation.”

NOTE: You would do well to notice that this student’s presentation was completely different from Ananya’s, even though they used the same two articles. If you entertained any ideas about using a student’s presentation resources from last year, please remember the PENALTY for academic dishonesty in this course.


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