Student blogs and posts

Every student’s blog is now listed in the sidebar of this blog. If you’re viewing this on a phone, the list is below the posts. Scroll to see the list. On a larger screen, look on the right-hand side.

Note that you can see the title of each student’s introductory post. That title is a link to the post. This is important because each week when you write the title on your blog post, the title will appear here, and the title needs to follow the “slug” rules in the assignment for that week. For example, this week the rules are:

SLUG: The TITLE of your blog post about these articles must begin with the words “Internet and democracy.” This will make it easy for me (and other students in your class) to identify this first graded post in your blog! DO NOT use blog or post or 1 in the title.

By using the exact first words as per the instructions, we can all see whether your most recent post is the post for the newest assignment.


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