Blog post 12: Government surveillance

Two articles are assigned for the week. Read both articles. Find them in the Course Schedule and on Ares. The West article is linked on the Course Schedule.

Content of the post: After reading the two articles (and making notes, as always), you will choose two (2) specific points from West’s article about Edward Snowden’s “lessons.” The points are numbered 1–17 in the article, so specify by number the point you are addressing, and avoid excessive quoting.

You must then discuss the relevant arguments in Richards (2013) for EACH of your two points from the Snowden article.

It is possible that Richards has not addressed anything specifically relevant to one of the points you selected from the Snowden article. If that is the case for one point from Snowden, then search for, read and LINK one online source that credibly discusses a relevant argument from a legal or foreign policy standpoint. DO NOT discuss what Snowden did. That’s not the focus here. Stick to the numbered points in West’s article.

Do not link to anything that West has linked. Search for something new.

For at least ONE of the two points you select from the Snowden article, discuss in depth its connection to what Richards (2013) wrote. In other words, you MUST relate Richards’s ideas to at least one of your Snowden points.

Please make sure your blog post has two distinct sections, one for your first point from the Snowden article, and another for your second point from the Snowden article. Don’t muddle them together.

NOTE: DO NOT read other students’ posts until after you have posted your own. Also, never change anything in your post after you have read any other student’s post.

Your deadline for posting is Monday, Nov. 28, at 9 a.m.

SLUG: The TITLE of your blog post about these articles must begin with the words “Government surveillance.” You can add more words after those if you want to.

If you need any clarification about this assignment, please make a comment on this post. I will answer it here.


2 thoughts on “Blog post 12: Government surveillance

  1. Yi Liu 12/02/2016 / 1:08 pm

    Hi, Professor Mindy,
    What is the class evaluation website you asked us to do? I can’t find it.
    Thank you !

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