Blog post 1: This is your assignment

Before you can begin writing your first blog post, you need to do two other things:

  1. Set up a new blog for this course. Read the instructions. There is a Friday deadline here.
  2. Read all of the assigned readings for the week. Two articles are assigned this week (Week 2). Find Week 2 on the Course Schedule, and you’ll see the names of the authors of the two articles there. Then go to the Ares Course Reserves and download the two PDF files. Read how to access the course readings.

Requirements (such as length) for all of your weekly blog posts are found in Required Work. Be sure to read the section under the heading “Weekly blog posts.”

Your deadline for publishing Blog post 1 is Monday, Aug. 28, at 9 a.m.

You must follow the instructions below, and then simply publish the post to your own blog.

Before writing: While you are reading the articles, make a note of anything that’s new to you, anything you don’t fully understand, or anything you question (that is, you are not willing to accept it without further information, or you believe it to be incorrect). After you’ve finished reading, use Google to look up the things you have noted. Make it your goal to really understand everything you have read in the two articles.

SLUG: The TITLE of your blog post about these articles must begin with the words “Internet and democracy.” This will make it easy for me (and other students in your class) to identify this first graded post in your blog! DO NOT use blog or post or 1 in the title.

Content of the post: Of all the things you looked up (see above), write about the two (2) most interesting results. Supply a functioning link to further information for each of those two (that is, two links total). DO NOT use any links to Wikipedia (that’s too easy, and not very scholarly). The links can be to news articles, essays, blog posts, etc. — they need not be journal articles. Make sure you write specifically about both of the two assigned articles.

Include each link within the sentence where it is most relevant. DO NOT paste links at the end of your post. Link correctly — here’s how.

The point of the two links is to show what you learned, and where you learned it, while reading the assigned articles. Do not post a link to something you did not read, or something you did not learn from. The links tell a lot about you.

When I read your blog post, I must have NO DOUBT that you have carefully read both articles completely. The best way to convince me is to actually read them, thoroughly, and look up anything that you don’t understand. If you write about something simplistic, or something mentioned only in the first two pages of the article, can you imagine what I will think about you and your commitment to learning? As a graduate student, your first job is to THINK.

If you need any clarification about this assignment, please make a comment on this post. I will answer it here.

There may be a delay before you see your comment, because I have comment moderation enabled for this blog. That means I will receive an email asking me to approve your comment. I will need to log in to WordPress and send the approval; afterward, your comment will appear and be visible to everyone. NOTE: This happens on YOUR blog too. Comments are not visible until you approve them!

Make sure you are LOGGED IN to before you post a comment here!


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