Blog post 2: Online activists and hate groups

Two articles are assigned this week. Read both articles. Find them in the Course Schedule and on Ares.

Follow the instructions below. This week’s post is not the same as last week’s post.

After reading the two articles (and making notes, as always), you will think about these two questions: (1) What are the various goals for which activists, protest movements, and/or hate groups use online and/or social media? (2) How can other actors (such as governments, law enforcement, or the companies that control web tools and platforms) interfere with the online/mobile efforts of activists, protest movements, and/or hate groups? There are examples in the articles.

Content of the post: Using at least two specific points taken from the Youmans article and at least two specific points taken from the Holt article, discuss goals that an activist group or protest movement can possibly achieve by using online or social media, AND how each of those goals might be thwarted by outside forces. 

Repeat as little as possible of what the articles say, but do include a citation with a page number for each one of your four references to the articles. Example: (Youmans & York, 2012, p. 323). Do not repeat a lot from the articles. I want you to refer to them, not copy them. We all know what the articles said, because we all read them.

Do not repeat the article’s details about what some particular group did.

Think along these lines: A hate group, or an activist group, can use a website, or Facebook, etc., etc., to achieve [some specific goal for the good of the group]. The group CAN do that, BUT another group (such as law enforcement, or a corporation) can [take these specific steps] to prevent the goal from being achieved.

Repeat that FOUR TIMES in your blog post. Not with the exact same words, but following that general idea, with both parts: one side tries to achieve a goal, and the other side can find a way to prevent it.

Connect two of your ideas to specific points in the Youmans article and the other two to the Holt article. Let the articles help you think about the ways these non-mainstream groups try to get things done by using digital media, and what can impede them.

When I read your blog post, I should have NO DOUBT that you have carefully read both articles completely.

The blog post can be very simple if your thinking is clear. If the writing in your blog post is convoluted or obscure, that might mean you didn’t really read the articles very thoughtfully.

DEADLINE: Your deadline for posting is Tuesday, Sept. 5, at 9 a.m. 

SLUG: The TITLE of your blog post about these articles must begin with the words “Online activists and hate groups.” You can add more words after those if you want to.

If you need any clarification about this assignment, please make a comment on this post. I will answer it here.


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