Blog post 4: Privacy in a digital world

Two articles and one video are assigned this week. Find them in the Course Schedule and on Ares.

After reading the two articles and watching the complete video (and making notes, as always), your task is to apply what you read to the privacy policy of a website or web service that you have used more than once. This might be any kind of social media site — it might also be a shopping site or another kind of online service.

This assignment will probably be more meaningful if you select a site or service that you really like or depend on. In other words, investigate a privacy policy that really, truly applies to YOU, yourself!

Requirements for the site or service you choose:

  1. It must be in English. The website can originate in any country.
  2. It must have a privacy policy that can be accessed on a website (not a phone app only). You need to be able to include the URL of the privacy policy in your blog post.

Content of the post: In the first sentence of your blog post, give the name of the site or service, and include a functional LINK to the Web page where the text of the privacy policy appears. Don’t paste the raw URL. Make a link with text such as this: the site’s privacy policy.

Using specific references to the assigned articles (BUT NOT a lot of QUOTES!) and the video, discuss points that apply, or do not apply, to the privacy policy and the site/service you have selected. Resist the urge to quote a lot from the privacy policy. Quotations should not make up more than about 10 percent of your post at the most.

Also, refer specifically to Taddicken (2014) and discuss how you feel about your privacy and your personal data in regard to the site/service you have selected, now that you have read its privacy policy. Has Taddicken described you, as a user of this site/service? If not, how are you different?

You should apply what you have learned from the articles and video in your discussion. It should be clear that you have read/viewed the assigned materials.

Your deadline for posting is Monday, Sept. 18, at 9 a.m. 

SLUG: The TITLE of your blog post about these articles must begin with the word “Privacy.” You can add more words after that one if you want to.

If you need any clarification about this assignment, please make a comment on this post. I will answer it here.


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