Course Schedule 2017

[ Updated Aug. 23, 2017 ]

Week 1 | Aug. 23

Introduction to the course. Instructions about setting up your blog. Expectations and assignments. What you need to do and turn in before the second class meeting.

NOTE: If you miss the first class meeting, you must make an appointment to come and meet with me in my office before the second class meeting.

Week 2 | Aug. 30

This week, and in all upcoming weeks (unless specifically noted on this page), the blog post is due Monday at 9 a.m.

Blog post 1 due. READ Ekström (2008) AND Barger & Barney (2004). What is a democracy, anyway? Would you know one if you saw one? And what does the Internet have to do with it? Topics: Media, power, democracy, and the Internet; the obligations of citizens.

(Most readings are in the Ares course reserves.)

> Download the Readings PDF (Note: Links may not be clickable unless you download the document.)

Week 3 | Sept. 6

Blog post 2 due on TUESDAY, Sept. 5 (at 9 a.m.) because of the Monday holiday. READ Holt, Freilich, & Chermak (2017) AND Youmans & York (2012). Topics: Organizing political movements and hate groups online.

Week 4 | Sept. 13

Blog post 3 due. READ Crandall & Cunningham (2016) AND Brock (2012). Topics: Twitter as a public forum; hashtag activism; Black Twitter. NOTE: Start work on this blog assignment EARLY. There is extra work that requires a week’s work BEFORE you write the post.

Week 5 | Sept. 20

Blog post 4 due. READ Fuchs (2012) AND Taddicken (2014) AND WATCH TED Talks: Kovacs (2012). Topics: Privacy in a digital world: privacy as a human right; privacy and corporate power.

Week 6 | Sept. 27

Blog post 5 due. READ Willson (2016) AND Crawford (2016). Topic: Algorithms and their consequences.

Week 7 | Oct. 4

No class. Your professor will be at a conference.

Week 8 | Oct. 11

Blog post 6 due. READ Berger & Milkman (2012) AND Alhabash & McAlister (2015) AND (very short) Peretti (2013). Topics: Viral online media; what is “virality”?

Week 9 | Oct. 18

Blog post 7 due. READ Shirky (2011) AND Comor & Bean (2012). Topics: Freedom of speech, press, and assembly; public diplomacy and U.S. foreign policy toward online freedom of speech.

Week 10 | Oct. 25

Blog post 8 due. READ Söderberg (2013) and John (2014). Topics: Digital outlaws, hackers and hacktivists, hacker culture, open source, file sharing.

Week 11 | Nov. 1

Blog post 9 due. WATCH the video RIP: A Remix Manifesto (1 hr. 28 min.)
Online, free to view:
AND also WATCH TED Talks: Ferguson (9 min. 43 sec.).
Topics: Remix culture, copyright, creativity, and intellectual property concerns.

Week 12 | Nov. 8

Blog post 10 due. READ Wijetunga (2014) AND Baird & Hartter (2017). Topics: Implications of the mobile Internet; the Digital Divide.

Week 13 | Nov. 15

Blog post 11 due. READ Brabham (2012) AND Asmolov (2015). Topics: Crowdsourcing: What it is, what it can be used for, how it works. (Note: NOT crowdfunding.)

Week 14 | Nov. 22

Thursday is Thanksgiving. Class will not meet on Wednesday. No blog post.

Week 15 | Nov. 29

Blog post 12 due. READ Richards (2013) AND West (2015) AND Meyer (2017). Topics: Government surveillance of citizens; the revelations of Edward Snowden.

Week 16 | Dec. 6

Course summary and conclusions.

Please note that Dec. 6 is a normal class meeting day. If you are not present, it will count as an absence. All deadlines are the same as every other week.