Blog post 9: Remix culture

This week’s “reading” is the video documentary RIP: A Remix Manifesto (1 hour 28 minutes) AND a 10-minute TED Talk video. The links are on the Course Schedule page. Watch both videos and make notes before you begin doing the activity.

This week you are going to make a video. I encourage you to use the grammar and principles of remixing as much as you like.

Please be very careful NOT to use TOO MUCH of someone else’s work. I say this not only because of copyright concerns but also because my motivation is to see you think for yourself. If you are going to “quote” (copy) a big portion of someone else’s work, you are wasting everybody’s time (we could just go to the original — why do we need you to quote for us?). I want to see YOUR ideas and YOUR creativity. Do not use 5 photos from one source — use ONE. Do not use more than 30 seconds from one video — better to use 5 or 10 seconds. Continue reading


Books you ought to read

It becomes more and more clear to me that there are two seminal books now in the field of online communications: Convergence Culture, by Henry Jenkins, and The Wealth of Networks, by Yochai Benkler (online). Just those. Everything else is either old or derivative.

Yes, I’m being deliberately provocative with that last remark. As I tried to come up with other books to mention in this post, however, I rejected each and every one that came to mind.